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Avrum Aug 02-23 Earl Bales -4_edited.jpg

Avrum Rosensweig

Avrum began painting in 1995. His very first paintings were a tryptic of a landscape. And that was that, until 2000, when he began painting regularly. His style has been called impressionistic, expressionistic and fauvist. He enjoys painting with bold brush strokes, and dramatic colors. Avrum paints land/sea scapes,  portraits, villages and abstracts. Avrum's art has been in art shows and hangs on the walls of many people around Toronto and in western Canada. "This art show is a dream come true," Avrum said. Avrum is also the founder of Ve'ahavta, Canada's only Jewish humanitarian organization. He is the father of Noah, a 17-year old with an amazing insight into art. Avrum learns and teaches Torah and is a 'purpose and meaning' coach. For more information see

Take a look through Avrum's work in the slideshow below. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, please get in touch at

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