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Speech is the mirror of the soul

- Publilius Syrus

Public Speaking Can Be a Challenge

There are those people who are fine with presenting a speech but unable to write one because of lack of time or ability. And then there are individuals who can easily craft a written speech but are uncomfortable or even fearful standing before a crowd and presenting what they have written. In fact, most people rank public speaking as their greatest fear – 75% according to the National Institutes of Mental Health. Speaking publicly can be scary.

What To Do?

I am here to help you work through this process. I have been speaking publicly since I was a child. Through the years I have developed the ability to:  write a cogent and exciting speech and to present it well. 
I can therefore assist you in:
a)     The writing of your speech and…
b)     The actual delivery of it.

What Is the Next Step?

Have you been asked to give a speech at a wedding, corporate conference, bar or bat mitzvah, baptism, funeral, gala, or as a keynote speaker at any other significant event? I will collaborate with you to determine: your voice; what would appeal to your audience; what the essence and take aways of your speech should be. If necessary, I will also provide you with tips and tools that will help you feel comfortable in front of a crowd and some of best ways of delivering your message.

Some Things We'll Learn Together

Writing for the spoken word is a special discipline. It is imperative that when a speech writer pens a speech it is created to be heard, not to be read. The best speeches are stories, and you are the storyteller. It is crucial the speech writer uses short sentences, that are dynamic and well understood. If you would like we will discuss ways of visualizing your crowd, so your nerves do not get to you. We can also do articulation exercises.

What I Can Offer

I will conduct an interview with you, face-to-face or via zoom, to determine the most important facets of your speech. 
Your speech will be written in a timely fashion. I have written speeches in twenty minutes (although that is not the norm).
We will walk through the speech ensuring all facets are correct and you are comfortable with the approach. You will be able to determine if it is a speech you are prepared to, and ready to present.
If you feel it is necessary, I will collaborate with you on presentation, once again, offering you tips and tools to give over your words in a professional manner. 
We will conclude this process once you have agreed the speech is ready to be presented.


To discuss your needs and related costs, please complete the contact form below or send me an email (link below). I look forward to hearing from you.

- Maya Angelou

I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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