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This art show is a dream come true for Avrum Rosensweig, the initiator of the event. He has been painting for a quarter of a century and  is excited about showing his art to the Toronto community. Similarly, Avrum is very enthusiastic about the team he has assembled including; award winning David Rheaume, whom Avrum calls, 'Canada's Artist' because of his keen sense of Canadian culture as seen through his powerful moments on canvas; Heather Goldman, an outstanding photographer, with a finely developed sense of sight of nature and warm portraits; Dev Treger, a brilliant, intuitive painter, who magically incorporates her paints with wood work; and Evelisa Genova, an international artist who almost mystically paints animals and people (frequently stars), reflecting beautiful stories and secrets.

The show is called: SHAPES AND COLORS because all participants focus on both with keen eyes and a tremendous sense of composition utilizing wonderful pallets and  definite form, shape, organization, and character to form.

10% of proceeds go to Ve'ahavta, a Jewish humanitarian organization and there will be an opening night gala with a guest speaker from Ve'ahavta and some music from Dev Treger.

meet the team

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