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Avrum's Journey Campaign
Throughout our journey together we have witnessed incredible transformations and positive impacts. I am now reaching out to you to become a patron to my work, at any level you prefer. As a patron, you are able to view materials I create early on and to ask questions at any time. Thank you so much for your chavruta and partnership.


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The Avrum Rosensweig Show is a longform conversation hosted by Avrum Rosensweig about individuals from all over experiences in life. Much of his focus early on, is Israel, in particular its citizens responses to October 7th and afterward.

avrum's artwork


Avrum Rosensweig likes nothing more then  to dabble in many corners of life. He has therefore painted for the last three decades, acted as an inspiration coach, taught Torah and hosts and produces a podcast called: The Avrum Rosensweig Show.

Now, Avrum, a great lover of people’s stories is launching a new business called: Lifestory Legacies.  In simple terms, Avrum is offering his many years of interviewing to people of all backgrounds to tell him your memories and share your legacy with the next generation.

This is a very exciting venture open to anyone interested in telling their story of life. Lifestory Legacies is also an opportunity for children to purchase a package for their parents or grandparents.  

To learn more about Lifestory Legacies feel free to be in touch.  We’d be happy to educate you on how this process works.  

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