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Heather Goldman

Heather Goldman, a Toronto-based photographer, has spent over four decades honing her craft and capturing the essence of the human experience through the lens. Self-taught, with a passion for both film and digital photography, Heather's creative journey has been enriched by workshops at Gallery 44, Toronto Image Works, and OCAD. Notably, Heather's portfolio includes a solo photographic show in 2016 where she displayed her work at the Flato Markham Theatre, as well as photographing the 2013 Bridle Bash event featuring the iconic Tragically Hip. Her recent photographic adventures have taken her to Italy, France, and the rainforests of Costa Rica. Heather is drawn to the subtle marvels of nature, often showcased through her skillful use of a macro lens. With a keen eye for detail, her images reveal the hidden intricacies of everyday life.

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