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Evelisa Genova

Evelisa’s career has been guided by a passion for creating better systems and conditions for human potential in diverse sectors. Since graduating from Harvard with a Masters in Education, she has over ten years of experience as a strategist in complicated and tense environments, such as government policy and negotiations, tech and Web3 startups, diplomacy, and non profits. She is also a painter, and through her experiences, art has come up in surprising ways with leaders across industries as a tool to build relationships, forge understanding, and unite people across differences.

Currently, Evelisa is a Emotional IQ coach for leaders and executives, infusing art into her services for clients. She also acts as consultant for organizations across Canada and the US where she aligns the company’s public narrative, projects, partnerhsips, and content with Equity and Inclusion standards. 

She can be reached at or, and has a Ted Talk published in September.

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